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Steve Peacock

Dear Suzan and Rama369:

So sorry for the delay in "approving" your comments on this article; recently I had changed the security settings of the Monitor (since more and more ads/spam began to slip through), thereby requiring me to review all comments before posting them.

Most importantly, I just wanted to let you know that I sincerely value all of my readers comments, and did not want anyone to think that I took more than a week to ponder whether yours were good enough! -- Steve Peacock

Suzan Robertson

Orwell was an optimist compared to what is happening today.


I'm not going to dignify this with a comment. I wrote three and erased them all. Lets just say I'm speechless. We must be scary, what the heck is it you want to know for God sakes? Is this going ot cure cancer or Diabetes, if not , who cares.

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