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Steve Peacock

I now see, WarriorBanker, where you are coming from. Not simply as a self-described "recovering conservative" (which is funny, because I happen to regularly describe myself as a "recovering liberal" -- see, we DO have something in common in a twisted way), but as an admitted atheist and apparently a socialist.

I love your blog post in which you say, "Cuba is poor but its people are generally happy because they are relatively well off in the sense that their basic needs are met, at least to some degree, by the state."

I see. Perhaps you should consider moving to Cuba or some other country where the state controls all facets of your existence. Now I see why you -- a Canadian, no less -- think that U.S. taxpayer dollars should be used to save not only ourselves but the rest of the world as well. I'm not sure why you care, anyhow, since as an atheist you see the world as an accidental occurrence without meaning. Doesn't your socialist side conflict -- in a glaringly hypocritical way -- with your atheist worldview?

Steve Peacock

I wholeheartedly agree that such a project would benefit the local economy of the Palestinians. That point is not disputed. But you are missing the main point that apparently thousands of other people enraged at this project are now discussing: Considering that the U.S. economy continues to hobble along (and even in the absence of such struggle), at what point do taxpayers draw the line with having their hard-earned money shipped overseas? This is simply the latest in a long line of contracts that our government awards in the name of statecraft -- but which only serve to drain the bank accounts of current and future generations of Americans (with the exception, of course, of those contractors -- often led by former USAID officials -- who usually secure such contracts).


What a non-story. The whole point of these sorts of contracts is to develop the local economy's capabilities. There would be absolutely no point in having US companies do the work in terms of delivering local long term benefits.

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