Steve Peacock's U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor,2003:weblog-94161205314098957 2014-02-16T11:48:14-05:00 Original reporting on little-known U.S. government funded foreign aid projects, so-called "drug war" initiatives, and overseas business subsidies. TypePad Feds Want to Track Your DNA Like a License Plate (WND),2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e201a73d79549f970d 2014-02-16T11:48:14-05:00 2014-02-16T11:48:14-05:00 Just as details are emerging about a controversial, nationwide vehicle-surveillance database, WND has learned the federal government is planning an even more invasive spy program using “physiological signatures” to track down individuals. Steve Peacock The Monitor Celebrate Two Months of Journalistic Excellence (and not just because it scooped on a major article),2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e201538eda1679970b 2011-05-31T16:36:46-04:00 2011-11-28T10:10:11-05:00 There is much cause for celebration today at U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor. Despite being launched just two months ago, statistics provided via TypePad and Google Analytics clearly indicate that the Monitor is making a name for itself in the world of serious online journalism. Steve Peacock SAIC Secures DARPA Contract for 'Insight' Data-Mining Project,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e201538eb01f6a970b 2011-05-24T14:57:50-04:00 2011-05-24T14:57:50-04:00 A contract specific to the creation of a next-generation data-mining and intelligence-analysis system was awarded yesterday to Science Applications International Corp. Steve Peacock Next Phase of Advanced Global Data-Mining & Intelligence System Unfolds,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e201538e9c2333970b 2011-05-20T22:56:29-04:00 2011-05-20T23:01:56-04:00 Details of an emerging data-mining and intelligence-analysis program reminiscent of the Pentagon’s controversial Total Information Awareness (TIA) project emerged yesterday, U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor has discovered. Steve Peacock