Steve Peacock's U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor,2003:weblog-94161205314098957 2013-10-02T20:55:21-04:00 Original reporting on little-known U.S. government funded foreign aid projects, so-called "drug war" initiatives, and overseas business subsidies. TypePad Palestinian Justice Project-Contract Awarded by USAID,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2019affbe5e31970d 2013-10-02T20:55:21-04:00 2013-10-02T20:55:21-04:00 The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) recently awarded a $24.5 million contract in a program whose stated aim is to "build a more effective and competent Palestinian justice sector that is accountable to the public and responds to citizens' needs." Steve Peacock U.S. Gives Palestinians $300 million in Contracts,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2019104d3c7ab970c 2013-08-18T22:23:47-04:00 2013-08-18T22:23:47-04:00 The U.S. government recently awarded a batch of contracts worth up to $300 million to Palestinian construction companies, including a firm targeted in a Palestinian Authority corruption probe. Steve Peacock Steve Peacock on the "Grit & Grace Radio Show",2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e201901eab9188970b 2013-08-07T13:16:44-04:00 2013-08-07T13:16:44-04:00 The "Grit & Grace Radio Show" has invited me to discuss my recent reporting on foreign aid to the Middle East/North Africa. Hosts Jennifer Meadows and Josh Bernstein will grill me in response to several recent articles I had written for WND and have since re-posted (under agreement with WND) here at U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor (see "Have U.S. 'Investments' in Mideast Paid Off?" and "Feds Plan to Give Egypt Armed-to-the-Teeth Ships.") Steve Peacock Have U.S. 'Investments' in Mideast Paid Off? (WND),2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e20192ac5e62ef970d 2013-08-05T00:17:35-04:00 2013-08-05T00:25:31-04:00 Contradictory claims of total dollar figures for U.S. foreign aid circulate around the Internet, containing oft-repeated figures that may or may not reflect reality. In response to those conflicting claims, WND has compiled a list of significant U.S. aid totals based on a review of congressional and Obama administration documents and databases. Steve Peacock Former Federal Prosecutor Leverages Steve Peacock's U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor in Column,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017d4267daf4970c 2013-03-30T15:55:48-04:00 2013-03-30T15:55:48-04:00 Many thanks to Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review Online for using U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor today as a supplemental resource in his article "Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone Hamas Won." Steve Peacock Sequestration-Related Cuts? Fed Spending Continues Unabated,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017c38340fb9970b 2013-03-29T20:16:13-04:00 2013-03-29T20:16:13-04:00 The Obama administration recently issued warnings to contractors of potential sequestration-related spending cuts, but in the meantime federal spending continues unabated, domestically and globally. Some of the apparently indispensable projects include a environmental public murals in Hebron and Jericho along with similarly themed summer camps and field trips for Palestinian children, alternative energy outings to Turkey, and assistance to mango growers and hotel operators in Pakistan. Steve Peacock Palestinian Cop-Shop Contract Shrouded in Secrecy,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017d3da61e07970c 2012-11-14T09:05:43-05:00 2012-11-14T09:05:43-05:00 Palestinian police stations in the West Bank soon will undergo modernization of their information technology systems courtesy of the Obama administration, which is arranging to retrofit the law enforcement facilities with new IT equipment. Steve Peacock Hurricane Sandy: Another Example of Why We Need to Invest More in America, Less Around the Globe (COMMENTARY),2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017ee4a33344970d 2012-11-01T13:25:28-04:00 2012-11-01T13:25:28-04:00 I have an idea how we as a nation can better cope with the financial burden that nature has imposed upon us in this post-hurricane environment of devastation on the East Coast: Assess and then cancel various programs that U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the U.S. Trade & Development Agency currently are carrying out or are planning to implement across the globe. Steve Peacock Obama Spending $300 Million for 'Palestinian State',2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017d3c73ec93970c 2012-10-02T05:47:03-04:00 2012-10-02T05:47:03-04:00 The Obama administration has released details of a plan to infuse another $300 million into West Bank and Gaza construction projects, spending it deems critical toward attaining the “success of a future Palestinian state.” Steve Peacock WND: Obama Spending $300 Million for 'Palestinian State',2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017ee3daad1a970d 2012-09-29T08:25:06-04:00 2012-09-29T08:25:06-04:00 The Obama administration has released details of a plan to infuse another $300 million into West Bank and Gaza construction projects, spending it deems critical toward attaining the “success of a future Palestinian state.” Steve Peacock