Steve Peacock's U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor,2003:weblog-94161205314098957 2012-11-14T16:22:30-05:00 Original reporting on little-known U.S. government funded foreign aid projects, so-called "drug war" initiatives, and overseas business subsidies. TypePad One Less Defender of Liberty in Washington -- Ron Paul's Farewell,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2017d3daa668f970c 2012-11-14T16:22:30-05:00 2012-11-14T16:22:30-05:00 One of the nation's most vociferous defenders of liberty and opponents of big government has given his last goodbye on the floor of the House of Representatives: Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). Among his many astute observations -- and warnings -- he left for the American people, the segment of his speech on liberty was among the most striking: Steve Peacock Hearing: “Emerging Threats and Security in the Western Hemisphere: Next Steps for U.S. Policy.”,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2015392258526970b 2011-10-07T18:59:20-04:00 2011-10-07T18:59:45-04:00 The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday, October 13, will host a hearing titled, “Emerging Threats and Security in the Western Hemisphere: Next Steps for U.S. Policy.” Steve Peacock U.S. Treasury Seeks Help in Mending Economy -- But Whose Economy?,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2014e8a0cdcea970d 2011-07-22T14:31:58-04:00 2011-07-22T14:34:01-04:00 As congressional and White House budget battles rage on along the littered landscape of national financial woes, the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury this week reached to the private sector for help. Steve Peacock